AGM/Minute 2017


AGM and Meeting 4th Feb 2017



Stewartry Archaeological Trust


Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 4th February 2017




Chairman, Mr. McCubbin, welcomed all present and also welcomed David Sowerby as a guest. Thanked everyone for all their hard work during the year and said there were lots to discuss later.


Mr. R. McCubbin                                 Chairman

Mr. A. Penman                         Project Director

Mrs. E. Penman                                    Secretary

Mrs. J. Rogerson                                  Finds Officer

Mrs. J. Roberts                                    Treasurer

Mrs. M. Ford                                       Committee Member

Mr. O. Young                                      Committee Member

Mr. D. Sowerby                                   Guest


Mr. J. Hawkins

Honorary President

Mr. Stephen Clancy, Webmaster, resigned from SAT on 28th November, 2016.


Previous Minute of 30th January 2016 adopted. Proposed:  M. Ford   Seconded: O Young


Matters Arising



Chairman’s Remarks

We had a very successful season and this season and excavation was advancing fast.

Chairman stated that there was a lot of pressure on some people doing various jobs.

He gave a vote of thanks to Jenny who, due to ill health is unable to continue as a member of SAT.  She will be greatly missed and was a great asset to the Dig.  Lizzie was thanked for all her work and stated she would be standing down as Secretary.


Treasurer’s Report

Jenny gave her final report to the committee. We have £1,210.94 in bank, this includes Petty cash of £3.57

We had saved a lot this last season on the clearing of the site for start of season. £60 as opposed to £250 for season 2015.

Sadly we had no donations for Gift Aid this year.  Disappointing.

Jenny also asked that we look in donation box on site as she had given a talk and thought there should be something there.


Director’s Report

A highly successful season.  Not too many diggers, but what we had knew what they were doing and achieved a lot in the time.

  • Jenny on Area 6/8 found a couple of houses.
  • May and Oss found more burials
  • David and Donna were working on the hill

We have artefactual evidence as proof of dating.

There is a stairway going straight up the hill.

We had a great boost at end of season with the assistance of a drone taking aerial photographs.  This was kindly done by Stuart Pitkeathly.  It gave us a greater understanding, seeing the site from a different perspective.

This coming season we will have to try and move some of the large stones.

To date we have 87 burials and a Motte, a medieval settlement on top of pre-history.


Election of Office Bearers


Chairman                                      Mr. R. McCubbin

Proposed:  A.Penman

Seconded:  M. Ford


Secretary                                        As E. Penman stepped down, Mr A Penman

Will cover pro-tem and E. Penman take Minutes


Treasurer                                      vacant at present


Webmaster                                    vacant at present


Committee Members                    M. Ford

  1. Youmg
  2. Sowerby

Proposed:  R. McCubbin

Seconded:  A. Penman


Appointment of Excavation Director

  1. Penman

Proposed:  J. Rogerson

Seconded:  R. McCubbin


Finds Officer                                    J. Rogerson

Proposed:  A. Penman

Seconded:  R. McCubbin


Accounts Examiner                         Mrs. D. McCubbin


Meeting closed at 2.20pm.

Date of next AGM. To be arranged for February 2018.


Stewartry Archaeological Trust


Meeting after AGM

4th February 20017


Present                       Mr. R. McCubbin

Mr. A. Penman

Mrs. E. Penman

Mrs. J. Rogerson

Mrs. M. Ford

Mr. O. Young

Mr. D. Sowerby


Apologies                    Mr. J. Hawkins



Chairman thanked everyone for staying for meeting.


Minute of 29th January and 29th May 2016 adopted.

Proposed:  M. Ford

Seconded:  O. Young


Matters Arising


Risk Assessment to be looked at altered as necessary.  David has taken it home to check and amend.  Should be done every year and updated if needed.


Chairman’s Remarks


Reiterated that it had been a highly successful year and was coming on fast.  Hoped this next season would be just as good.


Director’s Report


Once again he repeated what was said at AGM.  Also told committee he had some interest from another local from Kippford who would like to join us this coming season.  He will make contact again nearer the time.


Treasurer’s Report


As Jenny had now left the Report as AGM




Fees for booking a place will stay at £20 and the donation towards the Dig will rise from £45 per week, to £50 per week.

Proposed M. Ford

Seconded:  D. Sowerby


  1. Penman brought up the letter from Frank Root. This had been dealt with and committee decided to take this no further. No Report to be sent to him.


We have new Context sheets from Jenny if required and David is doing the Risk Assessment.


Once we know what is happening with the website, since Stephen left, it will be updated with the new information for the coming season.  David is going to look into this next week and will let us know what the outcome is.


Dig Dates


Monday, 3rd July –Saturday 23rd September 2017


First Aid kit up to date and kept on Site.


We are going to use one of the old posters and update it.  Flyers keep being taken but people do not appear on site.

David has taken a flyer and will see if Diane at Archaeology Scotland can send information electronically to other archaeological groups etc.


Once the Insurance comes in, Alastair will check it over to see all is in order before cheque is written.


Chairman closed the meeting at 3.30pm.